Dan Kerrigan:

The man who started it all!

Dan has been involved in the industry for more years than he would like to admit. He has worked in various roles whilst engaged by Honeywell to lead Service and Projects teams to deliver systems which really got Honeywell established in WA.

Dan holds the companies Electrical Contractors ticket which allows us to conduct installation works, and also holds a Security Licence so if our clients need any Security integration , then we are capable of completing these works in house as well.

Dan is also a mad West Coast Eagles fan, so if you want to get on his good side, just take him along to the footy, and he’s a happy man!

His other main interest is Tennis, so if your up for bashing a ball over a net, then just let Dan know and he will definitely accommodate you.

If you want to catch up with him you can email him on dan@buildingcontrolsystems.com.au and he will be keen to reply.

Russell Fisher:

What this bloke doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!!

Russ has had extensive experience with Honeywell delivering projects throughout Australia.

Russ holds a Security Licence as well so he provides a good backup for Dan.

If you have a problem that nobody has been able to rectify then just let Russ loose on it, and he is bound to provide you with a good solution.

He is a keen diver and sailor, so if you get out on the water, your bound to come across Russ, either chasing crays or trying to hook up a decent Dhuie.

Get hold of him at russ@buildingcontrolsystems.com.au if your looking for someone to solve any of your building control issues.

Glenn Johnston:

The geek of the crew!

Although qualified as a fridgie, Glenn has always been keen on the controls side of the industry.

Glenn holds a restricted Electrical Licence, and various other minor endorsements. His knowledge of various DDC and PLC systems makes sure that you are getting solid advice on what is realistically possible.

Glenn has had considerable experience in a wide range of the industry from Commercial to Industrial systems including Oil & Gas.

He provides a sound platform based on his mechanical knowledge and control systems knowledge, to ensure that systems are able to perform at the peak of their capabilities. 

Glenn loves his Motorsport, if its got wheels and an engine, then he is in his happy place!! So if you are up for an adrenaline rush, then get him to take you out on the track in his race-karts.

He is also a keen Dockers supporter,and always up for going to the footy.

You can get hold of  him at glenn@buildingcontrolsystems.com.au .